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2022 IEKTopics|Intrepid Travel Realizing Sustainable Low-Carbon Tourism

Offering in-depth low-carbon itineraries for global travels.

Travel itineraries at Intrepid Travel are designed with a carbon reduction mindset and the decarbonization costs are transferred to the clients at an affordable price. The company is a B Corp that employs scientific and internationally recognized methods to overcome issues the public or businesses may encounter when planning low-carbon or eco-friendly trips. These issues may include itinerary carbon emission calculation, difficulty to assess the impact on the environment, and increased travel budget. By working with international or local organizations and people, Intrepid Travel reduces or eliminates the negative impact that the itinerary may have on society or the environment while providing unique in-depth travel packages.

So far over 500 businesses in the tourism industry around the world have signed The Glasgow

Declaration on Climate Action on Tourism. The objective is to transform the overall tourism industry and implement effective climate change mitigation actions to reach the goal of reducing 50% of carbon emissions before 2030 and reaching net-zero emissions before 2050. Low-carbon or zero-carbon hotels are expected to increase and consequently support the development of low-carbon tourism.


Case study company introduction

Intrepid Travel was established in Australia in 1989 with a vision to provide low-impact travel services. It became a carbon-neutral business in 2010 and a B Corp in 2018. In 2020, Intrepid Travel became the first traveling company in the world to operate according to the SBTi.

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