2022 IEKTopics
2022 IEKTopics|Executive Summary

In response to the Taiwan 2050 Net-Zero Emissions Roadmap and Strategy published by the government in March 2022, IEKTopics featured the “2022 People Behavior Study in Taiwan for Net-Zero Sustainability” as the topic for our 2022 issue. We conducted the 2022 Taiwanese Public Net-Zero Sustainability Behaviors Survey, which involved behavioral economics for the first time, and focused on Taiwanese citizens within the 18-64 age group. Results reveal that the respondents show a relatively low execution rate in net-zero sustainability behaviors, especially among young people aged 18 to 24. However, the respondents are very willing to carry out net-zero sustainability behaviors in the following two years, which indicates that they agree with the idea of performing netzero sustainability behaviors yet may be discouraged when they encounter various hurdles during actual execution. Commercial designs and support can help the public overcome these obstacles, therefore ISTI selected 17 net-zero sustainability behavior items which show higher market potential and studied relevant cases. The EAST framework was used to help us figure out the key factors that successfully changed consumer e-edition behaviors in these cases and the results will serve as a reference when developing future net-zero sustainability business opportunities.

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