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2022 IEKTopics|FixFirst Building A Circular Economy Ecosystem

Providing a platform to promote circular economy.

Founded in Berlin in 2019, FixFirst is a German startup that focuses on promoting circular economy. Serving as an Enabler, FixFirst aims to solve their clients’ “information silo” issue: the company developed a B2B SaaS platform that offers end-to-end solutions to brands that lack suitable or their own repairing channels or brands whose maintenance stations are too dispersed and thus cannot provide sufficient maintenance and recycling services.

FixFirst’s app has a user-friendly interface on which technicians from electronics, fashion, furniture, and mobile device manufacturers can conduct fault diagnosis and estimate costs via video call. Technicians can also use the platform to check if there are suitable components, tools, or circuit diagrams that can be used for repairs. Furthermore, FixFirst’s subscription model lets users pay according to their actual usage and reduces involved costs.

FixFirst has a large database with maintenance know-how,  component management, and other information, and the platform matches consumers with suitable maintenance partners. Brands with relatively dispersed maintenance stations are also willing to leverage this platform to support their existing information system and connect internal processes.

After the EU officially announced the Right to Repair legislation in the 3rd quarter of 2022, it created a good deal of business opportunities for similar startups and their partner businesses and made “repairing and extending a product’s lifespan” a practical and affordable option for end users.


Case study company introduction

Founded in 2018, Canadian grocery store Nada is a social enterprise that aims to realize sustainable lifestyles. Nada sells local ingredients to reduce product carbon footprint and actively promotes zero waste consumption practices that eliminate single-use plastic products (SUPs).

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