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2022 IEKTopics|Sekisui House Saving Energy and Money with Zero Energy Houses

Provide ZEH rental services to let the public experience energy conservation results first-hand.

Everyone wants to save household energy costs. Recently, the Japanese government has been actively promoting ZEHs (zero energy houses) and launched a series of policies (standard setup, certifications, and purchase subsidies) to close the price gap between ZEHs and general housing. These schemes make it easier for the public to access ZEHs and for construction companies to expand the market.

Sekisui House sells and rents out certified ZEHs. To help consumers better understand the energy-saving benefits of ZEHs, the company releases charts and news that present the energy use, costs, and carbon emission volumes of the ZEHs sold. Furthermore, Sekisui House enhanced its ZEHs’ heat insulation to create a comfortable environment and prevent heat-related illnesses, which makes the houses more attractive to consumers. The company also offers ZEH rental services, giving interested consumers an opportunity to experience living in a ZEH without having to prepare a hefty down payment.


Case study company introduction

Established in 1960, Sekisui House(積水ハウス株式会社)isalarge comprehensive construction company that provides one-stop services. The company takes care of land development, building construction and survey, property management, and home rentals, and is one of the major construction companies in Japan. Sekisui House launched the Zero Emissions project in 2000 and is now Japan's largest ZEH (zero energy house) supplier.

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