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2022 IEKTopics|Love to Ride Realizing The Low-carbon Cycling Lifestyle

Leveraging advanced transportation technology to balance city and suburb development.

Leveraging the notion that everyone wants to live a healthy life, this app provides complete and transparent information as well as safe travel route planning functions that run on a software system with a highly-intuitive UI. The free app is easily accessible and offers a reward system which encourages use frequency. Cycling groups can hold friendly competitions to make it more fun and further boost behavior change. Love to Ride analyzes smart data and feedback and works with government policies and local businesses to provide exclusive deals to participants. The goal is to motivate businesses to set up new corporate culture and inspire their employees to choose a new alternative for transportation to work or just for fun.

The post-pandemic era is also the era of reducing global carbon emissions, and working from home and ordering food delivery have become the new norm. Taiwan has a lot of valuable databases as well as advanced transportation technology and rideshare vehicle services. If we take the 15-Minute City concept from the US and European countries as a reference, Taiwan could find a way to balance the development gap between cities and suburbs. By providing more convenient transportation models in our daily lives, we can speed up the realization of low-carbon lifestyles.


Case study company introduction

Founded in the US State of Georgia in 2018, Love to Ride launched a free app that combines interactive social platforms with GPS travel route planning functions. The app was initially a part of New Zealand’s behavior change research project that was done in 2013. It was later developed into a software by bicycle manufacturer Thomas Stokell and introduced to China, the UK, the US, Australia, and other European countries. Thus far the app has accumulated users from over 120 regions and 29,500 businesses and has encouraged more than 34,000 people to use bicycles as a means of transportation.

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