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2022 IEKTopics|LIXIL Building Energy-efficient Homes For A Green Energy Future

Provide one-stop services and save building renovation costs for clients.

In order to achieve the 2050 carbon neutrality goals, over 90% of the buildings in Japan are in the process of being renovated into energy-saving buildings. A renovation process involves a series of steps, including renovation design, material selection, acceptable cost estimation, and post-renovation appearance confirmation. These steps are clearly defined and carried out to ensure the project can be completed on schedule.

Clients are willing to trust LIXIL with their renovation projects thanks to the company’s onestop energy-saving building renovation service (material, simulation, consultation) which cuts down construction costs and risks. Furthermore, LIXIL provides free energy-saving residence simulations since the company has its own complete product line. The simulation results can be automatically generated into application documents required for government incentives and subsidies. The company also designed several themed solutions to conceptualize abstract ideas so that clients can have a better understanding of the projected costs and results and make better decisions. In addition, LIXIL leverages the COCO ECO highefficiency renovation construction method which reduces the construction period from 1-2 months to 1 day. This significantly minimizes inconvenience to the public when renovating energy-saving houses.


Case study company introduction

LIXIL was founded in 1875. In 2011, it merged with five other Japanese construction material businesses (TOSTEM, INAX, SHIN NIKEI, SUNWAVE, TOEX) and became the largest comprehensive building material operator in
Japan. Since LIXIL has a full line of net-zero sustainability products, the company is able to provide one-stop service energy-efficient building renovation packages that include materials, simulations, and consultations.

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