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2022 IEKTopics|Research Department Suisuinian Cafe Realizing The Concept of “From Farm To Table”

Creating a model that realizes green restaurant ideas and benefits all.

Suisuinian Cafe offers rice desserts and small-holder farmer fare made with in-season local ingredients. The majority of ingredients used in the restaurant are in-season produce grown locally by small-holder farmers. Imported ingredients are kept to a minimum to reduce transportation carbon emissions.

A lot of people want to eat safe and healthy but are busy with their jobs and may not be very good at cooking. Recognizing this market demand, Suisuinian Café began to sell a variety of rice desserts and ready-to-eat meal packets made with local fruits and vegetables online. Consumers can easily order the products, reheat and enjoy in-season dishes that are safe and healthy, and support Taiwan’s environment and local agriculture through this choice of action. Operating with a “farm to table” mindset, Suisuinian Cafe has won the approval and support of local farmers, the public, and many consumers. The restaurant leverages local community networks and online marketing strategies to create a model that benefits farmers, consumers, and restaurateurs while realizing the concept of “green restaurants”.


Case study company introduction

Set up in Shengou Village in Yuanshan Township, Suisuinian Cafe features all-local produce fare which sources ingredients from farm to table. The private chefs use local Yilan rice to create innovative dishes and rice desserts. Many consumers travel to this restaurant hidden in the rice paddies in Shengou Village just for a taste.

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