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2022 IEKTopics|airCloset Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion and Embrace a Sustainable Closet

Leveraging a patented system to offer customized user experience and services.

AirCloset helps female customers create fast and fashionable looks. By observing consumer demands and preferences, the company launched a new service model that provides a wide array of styles and looks for customers to choose from and has gained popularity among clients.

AirCloset offers its services via a subscription system. Subscribed users can choose and customize their looks from a variety of garments provided by the company. The company’s patented “styling service system” uses AI, big data, and digital technology to pick out, determine, and suggest suitable and customized attire to the client, consequently saving time for the user. AirCloset also developed additional business models such as clothes sharing and discarded clothes recycling and reuse to realize sharing economy concepts. These efforts reduce carbon emissions, save energy, and contribute to sustainable development in society.

Case study company introduction

Established in July 2014 in Tokyo, airCloset operates on the concept of "Creating new lifestyles for smiles". The company aims to integrate the new lifestyle into individual daily routines and overall society. By observing consumer trends and preferences, the company creates user experiences that go beyond convenience and availability, which makes satisfied clients willing to use their services long-term.

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