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2022 IEKTopics|Accenture Creating a Comprehensive Remote Office Model

Leveraging 5G technology to enhance work efficiency.

Remote collaboration plays a significant part in smart office. Although current related technologies are still at the initial development stage and mainly rely on software, we can expect the emergence of more smart office hardware and equipment supported by future 5G applications. When combined with applied technologies such as AI and XR which expands reality, the new technologies allow colleagues to interact as if they are talking face to face and increase the efficiency of remote working.

When most businesses started to let their employees work remotely, the carbon emission from transportation was reduced by 15% (Energy Information Administration, 2020). It is easy to see that working remotely has positive effects on the environment and results in cleaner air quality. Actual examples in domestic and overseas businesses have proven that remote working is not only a temporary substitute during the pandemic but can become one of the mainstream working models that co-exist with the traditional working onsite model. In the long run, remote working can maintain a business’ continuity, agility, and high efficiency as well as offer the employees the flexibility to balance life and work. Remote working also speeds up the development of an innovative digital economy and boosts transformations in a new economy and working style.


Case study company introduction

Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 1989, Accenture is the world's largest multinational technology consulting company. The company is lauded as the "the McKinsey of the tech sector" and provides innovative sustainable technology solutions.

Accenture's turnover in 2021 was approximately USD 50.5 billion, earning the company a place on the Fortune Global 500 list (ranked 258th). Accenture's main clients include over 75% of the companies on the Fortune Global 500 list as well as several national government agencies.

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