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2022 IEKTopics|Noodoe Creating an Electric Vehicle-Friendly Environment

Leveraging technology advantages to create diverse income.

With speeding up the world’s transition into zero-emission transportation as its mission, Noodoe combined its experiences in scooter dashboard navigation, charging and swapping stations OEM, and customized charging services and built the “Noodoe EV OS” cloud platform. The company’s unique technology has attracted the attention of car manufacturers, operators, and business venue operators and can solve issues that may arise in vehicle manufacturers, shopping malls, parking lots, construction projects, private residences, as well as future smart cities. Noodoe employs a subscription model to lower client entry barriers and create diverse income beyond charging services, which to motivate operators to set up charging stations.

The Noodoe EV OS system was first introduced to the US market, which the early-stage problems of charging stations were difficult to connect to the network and were also hard to use and manage. However, the Noodoe EV OS system’s smart cloud management platform solved the issues and thus successfully entered the US market where its product functions and business models were verified locally. The system was subsequently introduced to Taiwan after accumulating operation results in the US. Considering those experiences and existing client operation foundations, the expansion strategy into the Taiwan market could move towards segment marketing. Charging infrastructure can be expanded through capital and operation models and the company will find out the best way to manage charging services under a time-of-use rate scheme. Eventually, Noodoe can create a comprehensive business model for potential clients in different sectors, such as logistics, car rental, and taxi fleets.


Case study company introduction

Founded in 2013, Noodoe is a supplier of hardware and software integrated solutions for electric vehicle charging service. The company started by providing loT software technology as products and services and launched the charging station network Noodoe EV OS cloud management system in 2018. The system first entered the North American market where it was verified by power plants and operators. Noodoe later integrated its charging hardware equipment and became a SI supplier. By 2021, the company has a presence in 12 countries and Taiwan's Noodoe Network is operated by Shuffoe Corporation.

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