2022 IEKTopics
2022 IEKTopics|Changing Behaviors to Realize Net-Zero Sustainability Objectives

Leverage behavioral insights and the EAST framework to change public behaviors.

Studies done by major global institutions all show that behavioral changes are key to realizing 2050 net-zero sustainability goals. While government regulations, corporate services, and business models can encourage people to carry out net-zero sustainability behaviors, it is still very challenging to change public behavior due to behavioral inertia and such actions may even kindle public opposition. In order to encourage net-zero sustainability behaviors among the public, we suggest that the government or companies should leverage behavioral insights to understand public behaviors and the reasons behind the behaviors before planning out related policies or products. This will help the government and companies design easy, attractive, social, and timely1 behavioral intervention measures to encourage net-zero sustainability behavioral changes. The integration of intervention measures, technology, and infrastructure can also help inspire behavioral changes and eventually realize net-zero emission goals.

Next, this book is based on the categories from questionnaire: Food, Garments, Living, Transportation, Recreation, and Daily Items; and it further identifies benchmark enterprises that integrated intervention measures, technology, and infrastructure for successful results.

ITRIs 2022 Taiwanese Public Net-Zero Sustainability Actions Survey (20 Items)



Note 1:Service, O. et al.(2014), EAST Four Simple Ways to Apply Behavioural Insights, Behavioural Insights Team, in partnership with Cabinet Office and Nesta

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