2022 IEKTopics
2022 IEKTopics| CANGO MOBILITY Leveraging Data to Cut Costs and Realize Carbon Reduction Goals

Providing customized solutions to increase vehicle fleet performance.

The EU is increasing mandatory regulations on commercial vehicles in recent years and the action has stimulated the growth of the vehicle fleet management system market. The technology, when applied to energy-efficient driving, can directly reduce the operation costs of fleet operators.

CANGO MOBILITY’s telematics solutions offers seamless integration, can be customized, and provide complete customer support services. This is a very effective solution for managing driver behavior, fuel cost, and transportation efficiency in a fleet management system. Furthermore, the system does not require new hardware and has no additional installment and maintenance costs. Other advantages include flexible supporting software, online updating functions, and full-time technical support, which makes the product popular among fleet operators.

The key to CANGO MOBILITY’s success is that the company combines algorithm designs with accumulated client-oriented experiences to enhance the accuracy and completeness of in-vehicle data so that their products have stronger market competitiveness.


Case study company introduction

Founded in Romania in 2009, CANGO MOBILITY started as a hardware provider and later transitioned into a service provider. The company has expertise in in-vehicle signal measuring and processing and focuses on developing vehicle data products and solutions. CANGO MOBILITY provides solutions for data collection, processing, and analysis as well as predictive maintenance and energy-efficient driving in various areas, including logistics, transportation, construction, agriculture, mobility services, and public transportation.

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