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2022 IEKTopics|Nada Promoting the New Zero Plastic Consumption Lifestyle

Starting from using reusable containers to realize sustainability.

Canadian grocery store Nada aims to realize sustainability practices and encourages customers to use reusable containers instead of single-use plastic bags and wrapping when purchasing food and daily items. All of the food products in the store are sold in bulk. Customers are welcome to use their own jars, containers, and bags to buy the exact amount of product they need. Nada also encourages customers to donate containers that can be reused.

All products sold at Nada have transparent food traceability and most of them are from local suppliers. Customers can choose to pick up their goods at the store in person, or order online and have the goods delivered to their homes via low-carbon emission transportation means. Containers can be returned with the next delivery or customers can return them when they visit the store.

Nada is a member of the environmental protection organization “1% for the Planet”. It is also certified as a B Corp by global NPO B Lab which recognizes Nada’s positive contribution to society and the environment. Up to 2021, Nada’s operation model has kept over 1.2 million containers out of landfills and diverted about 3.5 tons of food from wasting. Nada only produces 10% of the carbon footprint of traditional grocery stores and its B Corp “Society and Environment Impact” score has improved by 16.9%.


Case study company introduction

ounded in 2018, Canadian grocery store Nada is a social enterprise that aims to realize sustainable lifestyles. Nada sells local ingredients to reduce product carbon footprint and actively promotes zero waste consumption practices that eliminate single-use plastic products (SUPs).

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