Resilient Ecosystem

Cross-domain Value Creation and Talent for Pilot

This year has seen a series of black swans - the US-China technology war, COVID-19, and climate disasters - which continuously challenge the resilience of human society, environment, and economy. We cannot avoid these predicaments; however, if we can strengthen the resilience of our society, environment, and economy beforehand, it could shorten post-crisis recovery time and reduce subsequent impact and damage. In order to enhance Taiwan’s future diverse resilience, we studied a number of actual cases and summed up five major cross-domain innovation categories and four main key innovation players. We also concluded that the core approach to building Taiwan’s diverse resilience is to use a people-oriented perspective to cultivate key innovation roles. These roles can generate successful cross-domain innovations and lead transformations and upgrades in industries, and the evolution will create diversified local value and eventually build diverse resilience. By boosting Taiwan’s post-crisis recovery capabilities, we can make Taiwan a crucial partner in the global industry ecochains.