2020 IEKTopics|Bridging the Supply-Demand Gap with Online Platforms


Cross-region Innovation Mindset

Key innovation players could be consumers. They may belong to different domains and are based in different locations. By leveraging connections and networks, we can still discover solutions and opportunities, and eventually transform consumer insight into startup motivations to generate more cross-region innovation results. The features of cross-domain innovation application platforms allow us to simplify the previously-complex operation procedures, so that users can easily and efficiently complete complicated tasks. The platform collects user feedback and displays the data in a more transparent way, and also provides trustworthy transaction processes to protect the rights and benefits of both parties. Furthermore, it can consolidate a wide variety of services into one organized and standardized service.

In order to stimulate cross-region innovations, we need to build a business environment that allows continuous experimentation of innovative ideas so that Innovation Facilitators are willing to go beyond their original comfort zone and tackle challenges. They are encouraged to break through societal limitations of their expertise or community, gain insight of consumer demand and opportunities, and either looking for a Determined Experimenter to collaborate with or become the Determined Experimenter themselves to create the service prototype, and further develop and commercialize the cross-region innovation service after obtaining resources which can optimize and eventually commercialize the product.

Cross-region Innovation Mindset

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