2020 IEKTopics|Diverse Cultures Can Generate New Product Value


Cross-culture Innovation Mindset

Cross-culture innovation is very common in marketing strategies. The concept of “cross-culture” originated from the differences between cultures and mindsets which directly affect target consumers' values, shopping behaviors, and aesthetics. Successful cross-culture innovations rely on their key players - Innovation Scouts and Innovation Facilitators - to figure out the cultural differences and fuse them together. They need to understand the consumers' shopping psychology and behavior to propose suitable marketing strategies. First they have to create a market ambiance with cross-culture innovations and then deploy brands to guide consumer needs and form product value.

Successful cross-culture innovations (products) must interact emotionally with the consumer, help people gain health and emotional benefits, and consequently improve economic and societal (health and emotional) resilience. In addition, successful cross-culture innovations require the assistance and support of the government. This includes measures such as investing resources in talent cultivation; motivating interactions, stimulation and collaborations between innovation talents, and building an encouraging environment.

Cross-culture Innovation Mindset

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