2020 IEKTopics|Senior Residents Can Benefit from Social Long-term Care Deposit Books


Cross-generation Innovation Mindset

In the future, Taiwan’s senior care demands can be supported by a non-profit individual “social long-term care time deposit book” model, which is an example of social mutual aid and time bank concept.

The social long-term care time deposit book model operates through a long-term care time savings bank which launches operations that incorporate “time savings” and social mutual aid. With participants from different age groups, locations, and environments, the model can serve as a new cross-generation innovation model for the long-term care system and help cut down expenses in Taiwan's social capital and government financial capital.

The time deposit book model is basically a non-profit social mutual aid model. In order to ensure the services can operate infinitely and the service time will always be valid, we suggest that the long-term care time savings bank should be run by social welfare organizations of the government, or outsourced to private social enterprises and funded by the government. The time deposit book model can let senior citizens enjoy interactions with young people, cut down senior medical expenses, and enhance Taiwan's social impact response capabilities which in turn strengthens our societal resilience.

Cross-generation Innovation Mindset

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