2020 IEKTopics|Leveraging AI to Build the Future


Cross-technology Innlovation Mindset

As it integrates with different technologies, AI continues to evolve. AI has become the most popular technology for global cross-technology innovation applications, and has also formed a technical value chain and ecosystem which includes chips, key components, systems, software, end users, and applications. Considering the three major development factors of AI: data, algorithm, and computing power, Taiwan has a global advantage in AI hardware and high-quality professionals.

On the other hand, Taiwan is insufficient in the following three areas in terms of AI development: data, platforms, and talents. In the long run, we will not be able to fully utilize the technical value of AI, and this would also be a problem when Taiwan develops AI hard and software integration. Our suggestion is that Taiwan's industries, academia, and public sector should train more cross-domain AI professionals and foster the AI technology service sector as well. They should also set up an international co-creation platform or operation mechanism in Taiwan which can connect global data resources and AI research talents. This can attract AI cross-technology innovation businesses, talents, and business opportunities from home and abroad, and consequently increase the resilience of Taiwanese SMEs and connect Taiwan with international AI demands and resources.

Cross-technology Innlovation Mindset


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