2020 IEKTopics|Establishing a Perfect Environment where the Young and Old Co-inhabit in Harmony


Mindsets of Cross-generation Innovation

Generational differences and certain workplace institutions and culture can lead to generational gaps. But some studies show that generational differences within a team can be an important source of multiple perspectives and is good for team’s performance. Cross-generation collaboration can generate better team-performance and also revise the situation of elderly employment, which is originally viewed as a social problem, but now is a supporting force for business development.

Reversal of seniority can help business institutions and culture break the stereotypes of different generations and build multi-generational teams in which everyone is equal. Multi-generational teams have a wealth of multiple perspectives brought in by members from different age groups, and can leverage that to realize multi-generational innovation and increase organization resilience. Human resource management experts can take on the role of Determined Experimenter since they are in the position to promote and cultivate multi-generational team talents. They can also introduce multi-generational team concepts into businesses to create an ageless work environment and build multi-generational work teams.

Mindsets of Cross-generation Innovation

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