2020 IEKTopics|Taking Part in a Romantic Societal Transformation


Cross-generation Innovation Mindset

Issues concerning generation are usually very subjective. Determined leaders are crucial to cross-generation innovation as they can successfully utilize limited resources to complete missions with conflicting objectives. The process of innovation is a romantic one: cross-generation innovators are resolute about their ideals and guard their core values determinately. They do not talk about motive and incentives, nor do they have thorough plans, supporting measures or verification mechanisms.

Cross-generation innovation requires bilateral interactions and feedback to form a strong bond which can continuously generate local resilience. To encourage more cross-generation innovation, we need to start out from a “local production local consumption” perspective to help connect and continuously support local networks.

Cross-generation innovators are stabilizers. They create local job opportunities to keep the residents close to home. They are the pioneers who revive local economy and communities. They are the guardians of the land who enhance local identity and value. Cross-generation Determined Experimenters burn a torch of passion and ideals to light up the path of persistence that they walk on.

Cross-generation Innovation Mindset

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