2020 IEKTopics|Taiwan’s Technology in Southeast Asia


Cross-region Innovation Mindset

Taiwanese industries have been actively expanding into the Southeast Asian market in recent years. However, since the respective local markets are very different to that of Taiwan and many related regulations are not quite comprehensive, businesses have to gather information on their own and adapt the applications of their products and services according to the individual markets. These actions would include conducting cross-region innovations and producing innovative products and business models.

In order to provide comprehensive solutions for the emerging markets, Taiwan should cultivate internationalized cross-industry talents and encourage the export of Taiwan’s industries and policies. In addition, Taiwan should set up a more flexible regulation environment, and further promote knowledge related to emerging markets and innovative business models among Taiwan’s administration and financial agencies so that businesses can receive more support from the public agencies when they innovate and expand overseas. This is also a good way to build the diverse resilience and global influence of Taiwan’s industries.

Cross-region Innovation Mindset

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