2020 IEKTopics|A Brand-New World for Waste Recycling


Cross-technology Innovation Mindset

Unlike the traditional linear economy model, circular economy is an innovative business model which requires cross-domain and cross-industry collaborations to reach the most effective “circular” performance. Business owners must invest resources and deploy innovative cross-domain technologies with new mindsets, new ideas, and new imagination to minimize waste and overall cost, and achieve best efficiency to satisfy consumer needs.

Waste recycling involves many processes. Most of the processors simply “burn and carbonize” the collected waste; however, if one more technology is applied, they can effectively collect the solid pellets after burning the waste. This can increase solid waste processing efficiency, reduce the risk that aquatic creatures are exposed to, cut down toxins released into the soil, and benefit the overall environment and organic agriculture. And this is how we can realize the ideal status of circular economy.

Cross-technology Innovation Mindset

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