2018 IEKTopics|2030 Advanced Technology from Asian Perspective by ITRI

Hello everyone. My name is Dejan Milojicic. I am distinguished technologist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, and I am also IEEE Division VIII Director. The reason I’m talking to you is because of the 2030 technology predictions report that was written by ITRI. I am thankful to Chaoyin and the whole team for writing this report and for giving me the opportunity to briefly address you.

This whole story started many years ago – around 2013 – when we started writing the report "2022". It summarized future technologies that will make an impact by the year 2022. The report was very successful; it was used within the computer society – IEEE computer society.

And then a few years later, as I visited ITRI leading the delegation of IEEE directors, I was so impressed with the exhibition hall where you presented a variety of technologies. It occurred to me immediately that you would be an ideal organisation to write a similar report focusing on Asian technologies. And, sure enough, less than two years later, the report arrived. When I looked at it, it was amazing. Not only did ITRI manage to make predictions for 2030 for Asian technologies, but they also compared it to worldwide technologies. I am so impressed with the document that I will heavily use it as we write our own worldwide report.

I am sorry that I cannot be with you to share this success in person. However, I hope at the earliest convenience that I will have another opportunity to see you in person. Thank you.