2021 IEKTopics|The Inter-generational Transformation of Scientific Agriculture

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The upgrading and transformation of scientific agriculture.

Taking immediate actions to mitigate climate change, emphasizing on environment protection, and closing the generational gap in agriculture are three of the most essential goals of the Green Deal and EUs common agricultural policy (CAP). Technologies such as automation, AI and advanced recycling have become the engine of smart agriculture, and an important measure for attracting investment.

Taiwan is highly competitive in smart agriculture because Taiwan has strong ICT (information and communications technology) ecosystem, and it can be combined with the development of the biotechnologies for net zero, such as the technology of advanced recycling of agri-food residues, providing smart solutions to problems in agriculture. Moreover, the solutions can also be integrated with more industries to establish an industrial ecosystem of smart agriculture. Not only is it offering the cost advantage over other competitors, but also providing more in-depth services including customized equipment, agro service and even whole factory export.


Case 1

Case Title: Jen Jin Precision Machinery
  • Linking Strategy: A precision machinery manufacturer going beyond its domain to collaborate with other businesses.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Provide Testbed Venues

Case 2

  • Linking Strategy: Waste dregs economy - turning lemon peel waste into gold.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Achieve Common Goals



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