2021 IEKTopics|Interdisciplinary Collaborations to Advance the Precision Health Industry

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Using technology to realize the future of precision medicine.

Digital technology makes personalized health management possible and drives the development of the healthcare industry towards precision health. In other words, precision health is the vision of healthcare industry and digital technology is the means to realize it.

The development towards precision health requires the integration of various professional fields to provide comprehensive services to the individual. The interdisciplinary collaboration mentioned here is not limited to domestic partners. One of the major global development strategies of healthcare industry is to establish replicable business models and solutions in Taiwan, build connections with local partners, and export Taiwans solutions to other countries to generate mutually beneficial situations.

Take Wistron Medical Technology for example, their AI based lower limb powered exoskeleton robot was originally designed for stroke patients in Canada, but has opened up research on the application of multiple diseases now based on the feedbacks from partners in Taiwan. In another case study, Health2Syncs experience shows that new startups still have many obstacles to overcome if they wish to enter the international market. International partnerships can help them overcome these challenges and export Taiwans solutions to other countries.


Case 1

Case Title: Wistron Medical Technology
  • Linking Strategy: Combining technology with medical care to create a new high-quality healthy lifestyle.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Establish R&D Collaborations, Provide Testbed Venues

Case 2

Case Title:  Health2Sync
  • Linking Strategy: Using health care platforms to compensate for the shortage of health care resources.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Expand Global Deployment, Provide Testbed Venues



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