2021 IEKTopics|Using Digital Platforms to Expand International Market Coverage

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Using digital platforms to link with the world.

Taiwan has long been a hardware supplier in the global technology ecochains. In the past 50 years, Taiwan has seen the birth of domestic IT giants such as TSMC and Foxconn. As the global technology ecosystem continues to expand and transform, technology service platforms will be crucial in linking resources and offering professional services to the entire technology ecosystem. New application areas continue to appear in the expanding ecosystem and venture capitalists are focusing on these emerging areas. In addition to grasping these technologies, Taiwanese industries need to gain insight from market trends and combine capital with market opportunities through innovative and forward-thinking visions to maintain their key role in the global technology industry ecosystem.


Case 1

Case Title: MoBagel
  • Linking Strategy: Leveraging existing capacities to accurately link with the global market.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Expand Global Deployment, Attract Foreign Investments

Case 2

Case Title:  iKala
  • Linking Strategy: When the market is impacted by the pandemic, crises become business opportunities.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Expand Global Deployment



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