2021 IEKTopics|Low Carbon Material Recycling Technologies in Chemical Material Industries Stimulate International Collaborations

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Strengthen low carbon material recycling R&D in chemical and material industries.

Due to the efforts of governments and international brands, reaching carbon neutrality in 2050 has become the common objective of the international supply chain. Taiwanese material suppliers are part of the international supply chain and thus must also develop low carbon material technologies to strengthen international linkage.

At the moment, some Taiwanese manufacturers are already using self-developed low carbon material recycling technology to generate technological advantages. This helps them attract international clients and expand their presence in the global market. Eventually, the partnerships will realize the transition goal of carbon neutrality. However, the current cost for low carbon recycled materials is relatively high and potential business opportunities for low carbon material applications still require the support of other fields.

Furthermore, most Taiwanese SMEs still lack the capacity to independently develop low carbon material-related technology. The industries, public sector, academia, and research institutes should work together to help these SMEs connect with the international supply chain through low carbon material technology R&D. Another way the government can assist is by promoting Taiwans low carbon recycling technology to the world.


Case 1

  • Linking Strategy: Recycling discarded fishing nets is fashionable.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Pioneer for Role Model, Achieve Common Goals

Case 2

Case Title: WASTE Recovery Technology
  • Linking Strategy: Balancing environmental protection and economy development: recovering copper from liquids.
  • Major Actions: Leverage Mutual Strengths, Achieve Common Goals



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