2021 IEKTopics|US Government Leads Businesses into the Global Market

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Current Development Status of US Industries.

US President Bidens technology policies focus on enhancing the nations technology capabilities and boosting the competitiveness of domestic tech industries to make the US the global leader in this field. Related measures also include leveraging innovative technology solutions to combat various issues (such as climate change and the pandemic) in the US, creating more job opportunities among emerging energy industries, and reviving the domestic economy.

In terms of electric vehicle policies, the focus is on reestablishing advantages, reducing carbon emissions, and generating job opportunities. The government plans to invest USD 174 billion to increase subsidies, launch stricter fuel efficiency standards, switch all official vehicles to electric cars, build 500,000 charging stations, and secure a stable supply for critical minerals. Due to national security requirements, semiconductor policies focus on re-establishing the USs leadership role in the semiconductor area. It is estimated that the US government and private sector invested a total of over USD 150 billion in chip manufacturing and R&D as well as semiconductor manufacturing (national defense, vehicle use, etc.) and R&D. The US-Korea and US-Japan summits also facilitated bilateral investments in semiconductor manufacturing. Medical care policies stress on modernizing and digitizing public health infrastructure, speeding up the development of commercialization, and the R&D of emerging medical technology. In addition, increasing the resilience of the supply chain that supports basic medical products is also one of the key focuses.

In the following years, Taiwan should actively establish deeper collaborations with American partners in the areas of key technologies, crucial materials, R&D, and mass production in the above-mentioned industries. By leveraging US industry ecosystems and environments, Taiwan can cultivate international businesses and expand global deployment.


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